BoVegas is pleased to provide you with an special manual on how to become an A-class athlete. For you, the door to a VIP’s exclusive account may be opened. Sign up and start gambling. With this rank, every person will have access to online support around-the-clock. There are the levels that follow, each with a variety of intriguing suggestions for players of beautiful games.

Enjoy the Knight

A casino offers rewards like a$ 75 Status Appreciation Chip and / or weekly cashback of up to 15 % for the first level. Comp Points can be obtained by players and converted into actual money( for instance, 1000 points are$ 10 ). Each casino may include a VIP Manager available to address all of their problems. Additionally, unique personalized cashback deals may be offered. Depending on the casino, you may also receive special match offers for the newest games and a$ 50 birthday bonus.

Elite Royal

The second VIP level is aka Elite Royal of a casino. The status may come with a $250 reward and a weekly cashback of up to 15%. For this status, attractive slot tournaments and a committed VIP team are added. You will have the chance to enjoy more valuable promotions and customized bonus codes, as well as about 5% insurance on losses each month. Sign in and go gambling!

Pro Imperial

You can earn$ 500 and up to 20 % in weekly cashback at the next level. Completely chip cashout restrictions will be added for VIP Club Players with this position. Additionally, casinos set up games for professional players with exclusive Club exposure. You will have your personal Club variety available to you at all times, allowing you to play games without interruption and have a professional handle any problems. Additionally, every casino VIP Club provides free play, special holiday offers, and monthly loss comprehensive( up to 7 %). Additionally, the participants will be pleased to receive more Comp Points for each wager.

Legend of Vegas

The most popular users will receive$ 1,000 or more in rewards. Additionally, they may benefit from no-limitation Club cash-out discounts and weekly bonus of up to 20 %. There are stricter restrictions on table cashouts( x8 ). Your personal VIP number will be happy to work around-the-clock to guarantee your comfortable sing and 10 % monthly loss plan. With this position, you have complete access to the captivating slot tournaments with the largest prize fund. Simply register to receive higher ball rewards, birthday bonuses, and additional Comp Points for each wager. Stage up right now!